Starkenberger Panoramic Route

The new long-distance hiking highlight!

As its name suggests, the noble house of Starkenberg plays a significant role, with the route connecting fortresses and castles of the once mighty and proud aristocratic family that, for over 400 years, occupied a ruling position here in Tyrol.  In the 12th century the Starkenbergers commissioned the building of their ancestral family castle near the village of Tarrenz.

The Starkenberger Panoramic Route is divided into seven stages and each stage is truly special in its own right. The route repeatedly takes walkers along sections of great historical interest, including the Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient salt-trading route and the Way of St. James. No fewer than seven lakes and countless streams along the way make this a particularly refreshing experience rich in variety and scenic diversity. And, of course, the route boasts numerous castles, fortresses, ruins and all kinds of interesting sights from the past, thus immersing walkers in history with every step they take.

What makes the route so particularly appealing is its fascinating diversity, a combination of memorable visual impressions and an unrivalled close-to-nature experience against a majestic Alpine backdrop. The trail is vibrant and varied and offers one surprise after another. You can be walking amid pristine, untouched wilderness one minute and find yourself in a quaint little hamlet the next with a village fountain just waiting for you to take a refreshing drink of cold water. The route takes you across open, sun-drenched pastures and through deep, shady gorges, through pleasantly cool forests and sleepy little villages. Breathtaking views of the valley and surrounding mountains open up again and again before you.

Many hotels and guesthouses along the way cater specifically to the needs and wishes of hiking guests and offer a warm welcome to those ‘on the trail’ of the Starkenberger dynasty.

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Starkenberger Panoramaweg

The route  of the long-distance hiking highlight in the Imst Holiday Region!


  • Total length: 52 km from Fernpasshöhe to Schloss Landeck
  • Hight: between 800 and 1200 meters
  • Course: 7 periods / 4 to 5 day stages
  • Difficulty: comfortable and family friendly long-distence hiking path
  • Highlights:
    History of the Starkenberger dynasty
    4 castles
    multiple historic street courses
    8 lakes and ponds, streams, springs
    exciting geology and rich mining
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