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Salomon 4 Trails

SALOMON 4 TRAILS is back in 2019! After a three-year break, the race is set to return from 10 to 13 July 2019 in a new format and with a new concept as participants take on the challenge of making it all the way to to Lake Garda over the space of four years.

What’s new? As well as the Trailrun category there will also be a separate Hike category without timing but with special rankings. The daily stages are shorter and more compact than in the past, making the race ideal for those new to trailrunning stage races. Hikers will be able to challenge themselves and enjoy spectacular scenery on the way.

What’s the main highlight? The course will change each year – and after four years the aim is to make it all the way to Lake Garda.

When does registration open? Runners and hikers can register for the new edition of SALOMON 4 TRAILS from 25 October.

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