Group tours

Guided tours

For a successful holiday trip to the Imst Holiday Region, you only need to follow your own interests: with the individual building blocks – consisting of cultural, natural and sporting highlights of the region – you can easily organize your desired programme by yourself. After all, it's your trip!

  • Cultural highlights

    City/Village Guided Tour The Country & its People

    On the way to fresh spring water in the well city of Imst, including water tasting and a walkabout along the historic fountains. Participate in an exciting discovery tour, enjoy the delights of the table and cordial hospitality. Your guests will be enthused.

    Price: group with 20 people € 40.00
    Time required: approx. 2 hours
    Information: combinable with a guided tour in the ‘Museum im Ballhaus’, ‘Imster Fasnachtshaus’ or in the Tarrenz Museum of Local History.

    Imst Carnival Museum

    The Imst Schemenlaufen Shrovetide Run is one of the most colourful carnivals in Tyrol, and the Carnival Museum belongs to the "great" museums of the country. Although it is a small museum, it provides authentic insights into the most ancient custom of the people of Imst. Tyrolean Museum Award 2003; Austrian Museum Hallmark.

    Opening hours: Fri 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm, from 10 persons anytime on request!
    Contact: +43  664 60698221,,
    Admission: per person € 5.00 incl. guided tour
    Time required: approx. 1 hour
    Information: Combined ticket of ‘Imster Fasnachtshaus' & ‘Museum im Ballhaus’ € 6.00

    Museum in the Ballhaus

    The museum in the Ballhaus invites you to a journey through the turbulent cultural history of the city of Imst. The historical exhibition leads from the Urnfield culture to the medieval market village and to the present day. Art objects and commodity items from different eras give testimony of the constant ups and downs and tell of life in former times.

    Opening times: Tue, Thu, Fri 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm & Sat 9.00 am – 12.00 am, from 10 persons anytime on request!
    Admission: adult € 3.00 incl. guided tour
    Time required: approx. 1 hour
    Information: Combined ticket of ‘Imster Fasnachtshaus’ & ‘Museum im Ballhaus’ € 6.00

    Tarrenz Museum of Local History

    Here you can get to know the village life of the old times at first hand. Discover a lot of interesting things about the life and work of the peasant population in Tarrenz. In the summer months, local artists present their works.

    Opening times: on request
    Contact: +43 664 2809059
    Admission: € 3.00 per person
    Time required: approx. 1 hour

    NassereithCarnival Museum 

    Visit the Carnival House to experience the hustle and bustle of the Schellerlaufen every week. You can marvel at colourful costumes, old tradition and lavishly designed wooden masks of great native artists. Experience the connection between the past and the present of the Nassereith Carnival in an impressive panorama show. An experience of a very special kind.

    Opening times: 01.06. - 31.08.
    Fri 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm, from 10 persons anytime on request!
    Admission: per person € 3.00 incl. guided tours
    Hotline guided tours: +43 680 3131184
    Time required: approx. 45 minutes

    Yogaresort Alpenretreat

    Yoga holidays in the Tyrolean mountains. The soothing effects of yoga and meditation combined with the most beautiful activities to be found in the Tyrolean Alps. Healthy, vegetarian cuisine, wonderful massages and the beautiful nature will help you to relax. Ask for our tailor-made group programmes.


    Knappenwelt mining museum

    The Gurgltal in the Tyrolean Oberland was one of the most important mining areas in Tyrol. Experience the fascination of historical mining in the open-air museum and listen to the exciting stories of the "miracle healer" from ancient times.

    Opening times: 01.05 - 31.10., Tue - Sun, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
    Knappenwelt or ‘The Healer from Gurgltal’: from 15 persons € 5.00 per person, with guided tour € 7.00 per person approx. 1 hour
    Knappenwelt + Starkenberger Beer Myth: € 14.00 per person incl. guided tours
    Knappenwelt + ‘The Healer from Gurgltal’: from 15 persons € 8.00 per person with guided tour € 10.00 approx. 2 hours

    Schloss Starkenberg

    Where once the Knights of Starkenberg resided, one of the most delicious beers of Tyrol has been brewed for more than 200 years. Wandering through the rooms of the 700-year-old castle within this world of experience, you will learn about the history of the castle, the brewery and the barley juice made here. The Great Knight's Hall is the venue of social festivities even nowadays. Take a look at the unique Beer Bath and taste our beer in the historic Knight's Hall.

    Opening times: May to October daily from 10.00 am – 5.00 pm; guided tours and beer bath by prior arrangement all-the-year.
    Admission: groups from 15 persons € 6.00 per person / with guided tour € 8.00
    Time required: approx. 1 hour
    Information: combined ticket Knappenwelt + Starkenberger Beer Myth: € 14.00

    1st SOS Children’s Village in Imst

    It was in Imst, where Hermann Gmeiner laid the foundation of a worldwide idea more than 65 years ago. Registered groups and visitors have the chance to participate in a guided tour through the first SOS Children's Village of the world. Tip: The Theme Path of the SOS-Children's village starts at the Johannesplatz

    Admission: voluntary donation
    Time required: approx. 1 hour
    Information: Reservation of guided tours by telephone with Gabriella Schatz at +43 699 14041263 or,

    Schatz Weaving Mill

    Experience traditional Tyrolean craftsmanship at close range in the Schatz handcraft weaving mill.

    Opening times:
    Mon to Fri 8.00 am – 12.00 am & 1.30 pm – 6.00 pm, Sat 8.30 am – 12.00 am
    Admission: free
    Time required: approx. 1 hour
    Information: +43 5412 65809

    Panorama tour

    Panoramic tour with private bus and guided tour. Our staff member tells the visitors of the Imst Holiday Region interesting facts about Imst and the neighbouring villages and gives tips for planning their holiday. Visit to the Schatz weaving mill included.

    Price: per group € 80.00
    Time required: approx. 2 hours

  • Nature highlights

    Everything about bees

    The oldest beeswax and honey processing company in the Tyrol gives an insight into the world of beeswax and honey, tasting of the Tyrolean Alps' sweet gold included.

    Price: € 3.00 per person, 10 - 15 pers. and over: guided tours and candle turning on request (beeswax candles)
    Time requested: approx. 1.5 hours
    Registration: +43 5412 66615

    Guided hike Rosengarten schlucht

    The Schinderbach stream winds its way for 1 ½ km from the ‘blue grotto’ through the bedrock of Imst’s low mountain terraces to St. John’s church (elevation difference 250 m). The gorge provides an insight into millions of years of the earth’s history and the hike is a special experience for nature lovers. Good hiking shoes required!

    Opening times: May to October throughout
    Admission: free, time required approx. 3 hours
    Guided tours for groups with up to 20 persons € 75.00 /
    with up to 40 persons € 150.00

    Bummelbär ride

    Choo-choo! Choo-choo! Watch out – here comes the Bummelbär train! Enjoy a tractor-drawn carriage ride to some of the most scenic spots in the Gurgltal valley, all the way to Nassereith, and through the town centre of Imst. (May to October)

    Price: 2 wagons, max. 60 persons € 120.00
    every other hour € 80.00
    The prices are incl. driver per hour

    Earth Pyramids

    The earth pyramids or ‘towers’ of sedimentary rock are very rare in Tyrol. In the Waldertal valley between Roppen and Arzl you can marvel at these fascinating ‘wonders of nature’, ideally during a walk round the circular trail.

    Price: per group with up to 20 persons € 49.00
    with up to 40 persons € 93.00
    Time required: approx. 1.5 hours

    Guided torchlight walk

    Torch-lit hike through the magnificent nocturnal landscape. A romantic, easy hike through forests and meadows accompanied by our hiking guides. Experience nature in an exceptional ambience.

    Price: per group with up to 20 persons € 85.00
    incl. torch with catering on request
    Time required: approx. 2 hours

    Farm visit

    The Schnegg family presents their farm. The farmer shows his guests around the barn. Later on in the herb garden, your senses are inspired by lavender, rosemary, basil and lots of other herbs. The farmer's wife (herb teacher) helps you to orient yourself in the wonderful aromatic paradise. You are welcome to visit the "Hofladele" shop and to take home a souvenir.

    Opening times: for guided tours Tue 10.00 am – 11.30 am
    Minimum participants: 10 persons
    Price: € 8.00 per person (incl. welcome drink, sample of products)
    Registration: 2 days in advance in one of the information offices

  • Summer sports highlights

    In the footsteps of Robin Hood

    In the Imst Holiday Region competent trainers teach you all the essential basics of archery.

    Price: per person € 7.00
    Registration: +43 676 9237271

    Alpine Coaster Imst

    The longest Alpine roller coaster in the world glides over hill and dale in Imst. The sledge brings you down to the valley – on rails that are mounted up to six meters above the ground! The spectacular ride leads down the mountain for 3.5 kilometers. Big kids and adrenalin junkies of all ages are enthusiastic about the routing. Bumps, steep curves and jumps provide countless surprises.

    Opening times: Summer / Winter
    Time required: approx. 1.5 hours

    Lemming Tours

    A specialised organiser for outdoor activities in Tyrol since 1989. Rafting and canyoning in the most beautiful gorges of Tyrol - from the family tour to the extreme highlight for adventurers. Special packages from 2 to 7 days for school classes, families, clubs, on request including overnight stay.

    Opening times: 1st May to 15th October
    Contact: Lemming Tours, Gunglgrün 71, 6460 Imst, +43 5412 62830,

    AREA 47

    Between Haiming, Sautens and Roppen, nature and high technology have been combined to an extraordinary leisure experience. The world's largest adventure playground offers action and adrenaline in many ways never seen before. No matter, if you are looking for outdoor adventure, water fun or a platform for business incentives – the location at the 47th latitude leaves nothing to be desired.

    Opening times: beginning of May to beginning of October
    Contact: Ötztaler Achstraße 1, A-6430 Ötztal-Bahnhof, +43 5266 87676,,

    Hut hike

    An easy hike to a mountain pasture or an alpine hut including a ride on the chairlift and an invitation to a real mountain hut schnapps. Then you are spoilt for choice – either you ride the Alpine Coaster or you take the chairlift back to the valley!

    Opening times: Guided tours only on request
    Price: per group with up to 20 persons from € 55.00
    Time required: depending on agreement, half-day or full-time


    In Roppen, along the Inn Cycle Path and the Way of St. James, you will find the "Römerbadl" Kneipp facility. In Tarrenz, directly on the Gurgltal cycle path between Imst and Strad, there is the "Frauenbrunnen" Kneipp facility (water containing radon). The refreshing "Hitte Hatte" Kneipp facility awaits you in Mils at the "Trofana Tyrol" motorway service.

    Price: free
    Time required: approx. 1 hour

  • Winter sports highlights

    Moonlight tobogganing

    Your guests will be enthused. Experience moonlight tobogganing and the magic atmosphere at the Latschenhütte and the Untermarkter Alm lodges, lift operating hours from 06:30 to 09:30 p.m., illuminated toboggan run from 06:30 p.m. to 0:30 a.m.

    Price: from € 15.00 per person incl. ascent with the Imst Mountain Lifts and toboggan rent
    Time required: approx. 3 hours

    Winter hike

    If you think hiking is purely a summer sport, then it's time you came to the Imst holiday region. Here, winter hiking looks back on a long tradition. Snow-covered forests and iced-over lakes and waterfalls create a stunning backdrop that accompanies you as you walk.

    Price: per group with up to 20 persons € 75.00 , with up to 40 persons € 150.00
    Time required: approx. 2 hours

    Snowshoe hike

    Make a "pure experience" while trudging with snowshoes through the snow-covered landscape. There are many possibilities in the Imst Holiday Region to spend an active vacation. One of the most beautiful tours is the hike from Hoch-Imst passing the "Opferstock" wayside cross to the Latschenhütte mountain hut.

    Price: € 18.00 per person (in a group with up to 20 persons) incl. snowshoes and "Obstler"
    Time required: approx. 3 hours

    Climbing centre Imst

    The ultimate climbing fun for all those for whom ‘the only way is up’! The impressive pyramid-style building in Imst is a veritable paradise for climbing freaks. 1.420 m² indoor climbing surface area, 1.312 m² outdoor climbing surface area, Level 2 - 11 (longest 28 m), 200 routes up to max. 22 m, 2 bouldering arenas, "Climbers' Heaven",...

    Opening times: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10.00 am – 6.00 pm, Wed 10.00 am – 10.00 pm, Sat, Sun, bank holiday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
    Special opening hours during bad weather and by prior arrangement.
    Admission: day pass € 9.00 , boulder pass € 7.50

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