Mils bei Imst

The village Mils bei Imst

Cosy, sunny village nestling at 743 m above sea level. Population: 553. Starting point for activities in the neighbouring valleys and major Tyrolean skiing centres. Impressive outdoor experiences on the river Inn cycling route, along the Via Claudia Augusta, across idyllic hiking trails and in the Milser Au floodplain. The Hitte-Hatte-Au is a world of wonder for people of all ages.


The aim of the Milser Au revitalisation project is to preserve the ecosystem of the grey alder alluvial forest on a long-term basis, and to breathe new life into the natural habitat in order to prevent any further ecological deterioration of the gallery forest. The revitalisation project, together with the construction of near-natural river control structures, has resulted in the creation of flood retention spaces and valuable habitats for rare animal and plant species.

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