Nature reserves

Here in the Imst Holiday Region it’s almost impossible to look at the surroundings without developing a deep affinity for nature and its wonders. And because it’s important to protect and preserve what you love, the people who live here and  spend their holidays here treat the beauties of nature with care and respect.

  • Fernsteinsee & Afrigal

    Fernsteinsee & Afrigal

     fernsteinsee_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    Located at the entrance to the Gurgltal valley the area around Fernsteinsee lake is one of the most gorgeous spots in Tyrol, a secluded area of natural beauty, perfect for lingering and relaxing. With the former ‘Sigmundsburg’ hunting lodge protruding out of the water, the lake offers a spectacular photo motif. The romantic ambience is perfect for long walks and hikes. Those who prefer to take it easier can explore the lake on a pedal boat.


    The mountain pine trees or ‘spirke’ pines of Afrigal are very rare in Austria and therefore, a protected species. Just a stone’s throw from the Fernpass road you can see them set against a forest backdrop reminiscent of North America or Scandinavia.


  • Rosengartenschlucht


    Rosengartenschlucht Imst Tirol Rudi Whylidal 6 © Imst Tourismus, Rudi Whylidal

    Just a short walk away from the town centre, you’ll find one of Tyrol’s most stunning biotopes – the Rosengartenschlucht gorge. The Schinderbach stream winds its way for 1 ½ km from the ‘blue grotto’ through the bedrock of Imst’s low mountain terraces to St. John’s church (elevation difference 250 m).

    For geologists the gorge provides an insight into millions of years of the earth’s history, but having said that, you don’t have to be a geological expert to marvel at the beauty of the gorge with its abundance of flora and fascinating stones.

    Due to the special conditions in the Rosengarten Gorge, alpine plants and animals advance far deeper than it corresponds to their actual distribution. The moist cool climate promotes the growth of ferns and moss, altogether resulting in a unique vegetation. In this place, Mother Nature has been practically left to her free dynamics, thus in a sense you can see her true face. What’s remarkable: the entrance is situated right in the centre of the city.

    Blue Grotto
    The special thing about the Blue Grotto is its history: 2000 years ago in Roman times, people worked diligently and searched for silver-bearing galena here. The geologist Peter Gstrein suspects that in the first centuries after Christ people were already mining in this place using the fire-setting method; due to the heating, the rock became brittle and was thus easier to knock off. This is how the Blue Grotto was created, a certainly unique place in Tyrol.

    Once you have arrived in Hoch-Imst, you can either walk back to Imst via the Wetterkreuz or continue your tour taking the Imst Mountain Cableways and the Alpine Coaster in Hoch-Imst.

    CLOSED in winter

  • Muttekopf Protected Area

    Muttekopf Protected Area

     muttekopf_natur2_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    Breathtaking natural beauty, a particularly rich variety of flower species, an unusual geological formation and high-alpine fauna – the Muttekopf area boasts a wealth of natural gems in a setting of unparalleled tranquillity. Guided hikes, courses and talks offer visitors a closer insight into this unique area.

  • Milser Au

    Milser Au

     milser_au_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    The aim of the Milser Au revitalisation project is to preserve the ecosystem of the grey alder alluvial forest on a long-term basis, and to breathe new life into the natural habitat in order to prevent any further ecological deterioration of the gallery forest. The revitalisation project, together with the construction of near-natural river control structures, has resulted in the creation of flood retention spaces and valuable habitats for rare animal and plant species.

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