Natural Juwels

Intact Alpine landscapes and a rich variety of flora and fauna in the Imst Holiday Region offer the perfect setting in which to unwind, relax and recharge your batteries. When the sun's shining on your face and your feet are dangling in the cool water of a mountain stream, then you'll fell it - this is your summer!

  • Muttekopf Protected Area

    Muttekopf Protected Area

     muttekopf_natur2_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    Breathtaking natural beauty, a particularly rich variety of flower species, an unusual geological formation and high-alpine fauna – the Muttekopf area boasts a wealth of natural gems in a setting of unparalleled tranquillity. Guided hikes, courses and talks offer visitors a closer insight into this unique area.

  • Earth Pyramids

    Earth Pyramids

     erdpyramiden_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    The earth pyramids or ‘towers’ of sedimentary rock are very rare in Tyrol. In the Waldertal valley between Roppen and Arzl you can marvel at these fascinating ‘wonders of nature’, ideally during a walk round the circular trail (approx. 1 ½ hours).

    Starting point: approx. 3.5 km west of Roppen, narrow road to Wald, small car park at the Earth Pyramids information board. Then right (north) to Inn Gorge.

  • Gurgltal Valley

    Gurgltal Valley

     gurgltal_natur_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    In a branch of the Inntal nature has lovingly collected a universe of botanical sights. Unique species from the animal and plant kingdom romp about in damp meadows, source brooks and marshes. The wealth of birds here with rare types such as the grey heron and water blackbird is also quite remarkable. All of this spreads itself out amidst a traditional and refined cultural landscape. As if staged by the hand of a painter, hundreds of little hay barns are scattered throughout the scene.

  • Milser Au

    Milser Au

     milser_au_sommer_imst.jpg © Imst Tourismus

    The aim of the Milser Au revitalisation project is to preserve the ecosystem of the grey alder alluvial forest on a long-term basis, and to breathe new life into the natural habitat in order to prevent any further ecological deterioration of the gallery forest. The revitalisation project, together with the construction of near-natural river control structures, has resulted in the creation of flood retention spaces and valuable habitats for rare animal and plant species.

  • Sinnesbrunn - a natural beauty spot

    Sinnesbrunn - a natural beauty spot

     goefelesee_natur_sommer_imst.JPG © Imst Tourismus

    This area of natural beauty takes its name from the little pilgrimage chapel and from the healing spring water. Hidden in this hilly, undulating terrain, with a light sprinkling of spruce trees, are countless little moors created during the ice age. Far away from the traffic in the valley or any background noise, this is a place where you can savour nature and serene tranquillity.

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