Carnival traditions

Tarrenzer Fasnacht

The next carnival in Tarrenz will take place on 31 January 2021!

The Tarrenz Fasnacht is set to take place once more after a fouryear break. The whole village is involved in the carnival revelry and thousands of spectators come to marvel at the colourful spectacle. The Tyrolean Fasnacht carnival celebrations form the most important secular holidays in those villages in which they take place – as is the case in Tarrenz. Every four years the inhabitants of the little village in the Gurgltal valley celebrate their Fasnacht tradition. The origins and significance of the Fasnacht customs are thought to be an archaic
ritual with the aim of driving out the evil spirits of winter. Today the Fasnacht is a central element that strengthens the feeling of identity and communal spirit among the villagers and offers proof that traditions and customs here are still very much alive. Preparations get underway weeks, even months, before the big day. Masks are carved, costumes are sewn and floats are built.


10.00 am - carnival start
12.00 noon – procession
6.00 pm – end of carnival with
a noisy final ‘Zsåmmschalle’

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