Carnival traditions

Schellerlaufen Nassereith - 20.2.2022

Every great Tyrolean Fasnacht carnival has its own unique features: the Nassereith Schellerlaufen pageant, as well as its blaze of colours, is especially known for the incomparable and expressive wooden masks made by local artists.
The course of the Nassereith Schellerlaufen pageant is set out very precisely by clearly defined rules that have been passed down over hundreds of years. The focus of the Schellerlaufen is the triumph of spring over winter, which is embodied in the figures of the Bear and Bear Beaters.

Programme 2019

Fasnachtsuache - Sunday, 13.01.2019
19.00 - Procession from Fasnachtshaus carnival museum

Schalleprobiere - Sunday, 10.2.2019
19.00 - Procession from Fasnachtshaus carnival museum

Schellerlaufen carnival   17.2.2019

8.00 - Opening ceremony: Umschlagen, Fasnachtshaus / Maienbrunnen

09.45 - Procession of carnival groups from Maibrunnen fountain to Postplatz (Hotel Post)

12.00 - 1st circle at Postplatz, followed by the start of the procession

18.00 - End of Schellerlaufen

20.30 - Fasnachtsball

Fasnachtsmontag (Monday) 18.2.2019
12.00 to 18.00

Fasnachteingraben 5.3.2019
19.00 - Procession starting at Gasthof Seeblick


Schellerlaufen in Nassereith

Thousands of visitors are thrilled by more than 400 wooden masks made by local artists.
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