Carnival traditions


The next Buabefåsnåcht will take place 2022 in Imst.

Although the only people allowed to take part are 6 to 16 year old boys from Imst, the proceedings are organised more or less along exactly along the same lines as the adult Fasnacht: they feature the same types of mask, the procession follows the same route, and the enthusiasm of the participants easily matches that of the adults! So special pint-sized outfits are tailored and little masks carved for the young lads.

So all that effort has finally paid off. Lots of the spectators take special delight in watching the “Gangln” (dancing steps) of the masked Roller and Scheller, not to mention the Laggepaarle, the dancers and squeals of the young witches to the spine-chilling sounds of the accompanying witches’ music, the bizarre stewardship of the sackers, sprayers and bucket boys who every now and again throw water, though only below the waist of certain bystanders, the performance of the little bear gang, as well as astounding professional pronouncements and musical renditions of the Bubenlabara, an impudent group of brazen lads cheekily recounting the deeds of a high-ranking local dignitary in word and song. Bears and witches floats pass by in a stream of carnival trailers, a little chimney-sweep impishly shins up to the very top. Even the municipal brass band can be found marching along – this at the insistence of the grown-ups. Nowadays the Buabefasnacht has far outgrown the size of what used to be the “big” Schemenlaufen: at the last count, over 400 participants and some 15,000 spectators took part on the event!

From 10 a.m. the masked revelers begin to walk the procession route that takes them singly or in groups from the lower to the upper part of the town. The actual carnival procession doesn’t start until the midday chimes of he parish church have sounded out and then sets off – with the municipal brass band at its head – back in the opposite direction to the main square down in the lower town. On the way there, the Roller and Scheller (who account for the majority of the Imst Fasnacht revelers) perform a Kroastanz (circle dance) in front of each inn and fountain they encounter, or do their dancing steps surrounded by the masked stewards and followed by the wild gang of witches together with the carnival floats. As a mark of respect to the spectators, there’s also the “leading off” ceremony – quite simply, a series of dance steps are performed in front of the bystander, who is then led off to the carnival treasury to pay a symbolic sum for the pleasure. The Buabefasnacht reaches its climax around 5 p.m. when a final, spectacular circle takes place on the main square. Once again, everyone’s energy is summoned up for one final act, and one once again the custom reveals itself in all its colourful and noisy splendour. Only then do the participants take off their masks. Tired but proud, it’s time already to begin looking forward to the next Fasnacht in 2020 - the year of the next adults' Schemenlaufen.


Start 10.00 am at Stadtplatz
Start carnival procession 12.00 noon at Hotel Hirschen
ca. 2.30 pm short break at Johannes church
5.00 pm end at Stadtplatz

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