Alpine Autumn

Autumn in the Imst Holiday Region

Autumn in the Imst Holiday Region offers a spectacle for all the senses. Mother Nature paints the landscape with vivid hues. The  Indian summer offers skies of deepest blue. And the views of the mountain peaks and pastures are crystal clear. No wonder that this season has always inspired the inhabitants of the Imst Holiday Region to rejoice, to organise festivals and celebrate their customs and traditions. One of the most enjoyable autumn folk festivals is the ‘Schafschied’ in Tarrenz, when the return of the sheep from the Alpine pastures is celebrated in the village.

Returning of the cattle

Returning of the cattle and autumn celebrations 2019:
Sunday, 01.09.2019 Returning of the sheep, Nassereith
Saturday, 07.09.2019 Returning of the cattle, Roppen
Sunday, 08.09.2019 Returning of the sheep, Tarrenz
Sunday, 15.09.2019 Weinkulinarium (wine festival) Knappenwelt mining village, Tarrenz
Sunday, 06.10.2019 12th Tyrolean Eagle Festival

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